In memory of our dear clients who have passed, but whose impact we still embrace.
I find myself sending a lot of correspondence.  Mountains of emails come with the job description, but also cards.  There is something I thoroughly enjoy about putting pen to paper and verbalizing myself in written expression.  Sometimes it is for notable life events (weddings, accomplishments, etc), but more often it is for bereavement.  We have a running joke in our office about the amount of sympathy cards I send out in any given month.  Dark humor aside, after attending a visitation recently, it got me thinking about the interpersonal connections in my life.  And what I’ve gained from these connections by simply being in my line of work.
In my listing and buyer presentations, I always mention that I hope to become your Realtor for life.  I often wonder how seriously my clients consider my sincerity in this statement.  It does make sense why someone, that I’ve just met, might discard that statement as another sales pitch cliche.  Especially since, in the early stage of a working relationship, things are always a little formal and definitely real estate related.  But as time progresses, often I find myself becoming vested in my client’s lives beyond real estate.  This continues long after our business relationship ends. Over the years I’ve stayed in contact with loads of past clients.  And not always only in a real estate related way.  I love following them on social media, or bumping into them in person.  I want to hear about their kids, travel adventures, and new jobs.  I find myself rooting for their wellbeing and being pained at their hardships.  Being my client’s Realtor for life has become one of the most fulfilling aspects of my job, and I feel grateful everyday to have the opportunity.
So from this real estate loving people-person.  Thank you for letting me into your lives.  It is an honor I will never take for granted.
What ways do you find connection in your life?
Until next time…
Leah Prahl


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