I hope you had a Happy May Day

Happy May Day!


When I was a child, May 1st was spent making May Day baskets. The anticipation and excitement made this event a thrilling activity for my sister and I. We grew up on my family’s century farm in southern Sibley County. Our closest neighbors were my paternal grandparents, who lived in the original farmhouse. Each year we would make & decorate our paper baskets, and then fill them with the flowers we gathered from our yard before sneaking over to my grandparents home. The memory of hanging the baskets, ringing the doorbell, and running as fast as we could out of sight, so as to not be caught, brings a smile to my face. For my family, May Day was a celebration that Spring had finally arrived, and was the precursor to a new season of growth on the farm.


This sweet tradition may be something from days gone by in most communities across America, but I challenge you this May Day, to find ways to welcome a new season by finding a way to connect with your community. Your impact is immeasurable. “Where flowers bloom, so does hope.” Lady Bird Johnson


Cheers to a Beautiful Minnesota Spring!

Leah Prahl



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